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Monstrosity Domain

This is another domain I created for my Greek pantheon rework. Like all the player options I post here it is yet to be play tested so if...

Warlock Patron: The Great Wyrm

TBH I don't know why there isn't an official warlock patron that fits this concept, it seems like a no-brainer to me. So here it is, the...

Prehistoric Bestiary Part II: Megafauna

Megafauna While the term “megafauna” is used by scholars to describe any animal of Medium size or larger, it is most commonly employed by...

Cleric Domains: Freedom and Harvest

I made these as part of an ongoing rework of the mythological pantheons presented in the back of the Player's Handbook. Some of the...

Warlock Patron: The Storybook

Several months ago I had the idea to make a set of home-brew warlock patrons for D&D. It soon became clear to me that this concept stood...

Planetary Codex: Sorik'Va

This world has a long and complicated history. The being that became Sorik'Va was originally a Great Old One named Sorkin'Roth, the final...

Planetary Codex: Taozuno

This planet was featured in my home campaign "Storm of Stars", when the players crash-landed their starship in its jungles. TAOZUNO...

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